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Volunteering at our event

We would like to warmly encourage you to join us at the Community Gardening Gathering in a volunteer capacity, on the 19th and 20th May at Perth City Farm. It doesn’t matter if you can share an hour or more and in what capacity you would like to help out, it would just be great to share this volunteer experience with you.

As volunteers ourselves and your event planning committee, we recognise how much we are gaining from this experience. We are helping something come to fruition that is fuelled by our commitment and enthusiastic intentions. We truly believe that as a collective the community gardeners can be change makers! Volunteering for us has meant that over the past year we have learnt new skills, grown new relationships, been inspired and had lots of fun.

Volunteering has something for everyone, allowing you to pick a role that fits for you personally, your interests and skills. So if you think that you could join the gathering’s volunteer community next month, then please follow the link and have a look at the various roles that we would love to see filled. If you can’t see a role that would suit you email us cggwa2018@gmail.com.

Many thanks and again we can’t wait to share the 2 days with you. See you very soon.

Sign up here: https://www.wacommunitygardengathering.com.au/volunteer-at-…

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