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The Possibilities are Endless

One thing I have learnt from you the community gardeners is that the scope of your garden’s role and the vision you hold for its future path are truly unlimited. The food growing, or the flowers are a central aspect of the garden but these are also places that are about so much more. In the conversations that I was lucky enough to have in the gardens last year, it was apparent that many of the gardens were engaging the local community and making important connections through a myriad of activities. This idea of ‘a place for everyone’ was apparent throughout. Gardens spoke to me about engaging with schools, creating sensory gardens, building relationships with parent and toddler groups, new migrant organisations, elderly care services and these were just a start. The gardens are places that hold soup night, pizza nights, foraging meal nights, Christmas Carol evenings, family picnics and school holiday craft sessions. These are places, to swap a book, to practice yoga, to take part in meditation or to practice a new art medium. A forum to swap stories, trade skills and swap produce.

As event organisers we wholeheartedly want to do justice to this understanding, that a community garden is so much more than gardening. That ‘many things to many people’ knowledge will form part of the foundation for the event. So, come and join us on the 19th and 20th May at Perth City Farm to eat lovely fresh food, to listen to music, to be creative, to engage with Indigenous Culture and to share stories of community engagement. This platform will be perfect for sharing your creative ideas with each other and opportunities may open to facilitate a gifting or trading economy in your space, art workshops, mending sessions, community markets, music nights. The sky really is your limit! Lets great Creative together. Alex

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