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Sunday 20th May 2018- Session 3

11.15 -12.30 How to gather people to stop the nonsense. Building a social movement one volunteer at a time

Open Space Session with Costa, Antonia, Marilyn and Jacqui (conservation volunteers)

Join Costa and volunteer groups in an Open Space session to explore big ideas and develop plans about how we can excite, motivate and get people to stay involved in Community Gardens.

What's one thing that challenged your thinking?

How do we gather people to stop the nonsense? What is the non sense?

How can we empower our volunteers so we are able to let go and let them come in. For example mentoring them with computer skills so they can make Facebook events in committee groups.

Self care is very important so that your committee is sustainable.

What's one thing you would like to know more about?

Community gardens are about growing people not just growing veggies.

How can we retain our volunteers and make sure they feel valued.

Feed joy and you will become infectious. Move from fear to abundance.

Talk to your committee about 3 good things that happened today to build a positive energy.

What interesting fact stood out for you?

At Hilton Harvest Community garden they try to avoid people getting burn out by cancelling events instead of pushing people who might be too stretched.

Nurture people to grow, encourage and empower.

Costa mentioned the heart, mind hands and about engagement, digestion and then action. He sees community gardens as a "salad of opportunity".

How to avoid burnout- not micromanaging your committee, but instead trust they have the skills necessary. Sharing the workload and managing a roster. Looking after your own mental health and that of your committee. Finding ways to mentor and buddy up on tasks.

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