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Saturday 19th May 2018- Session 5

Updated: Feb 13, 2019

3.30 - 4.30pm To Fence or Not To Fence? That is the Question

Companion Circle

Facilitated Dialogue

  1. Antonia Hendrick (Curtin University Community Development)

  2. Kate Poll (Lockridge Community Garden)

  3. Kath Moller (Duncraig Edible Garden)

  4. Amy Warne (Hilton Harvest)

Here are some thoughts from this session:

It was surprising to comprehend such differences between the gardens. The discussion encouraged thinking about security, safety, fencing and community involvement issues.

Learning about different styles of gardens or communities was valuable.

It would be good to further discuss ‘engaging community’, getting more people involved in a small community garden. Also, to have the opportunity to develop a newsletter/website for resources and sharing ideas.

It was a popular perspective amoungst speakers that fences have their place in community gardens and a combination of heights and uses were advised. For example at Hilton Harvest Community Garden there is a large/strong/secure fence that protects the chickens and is locked but a hip height fence around the plot holders beds that can be accessed through an open gate.

In some community gardens fences were important as without them all the produce from the community gardens would be taken/or vandalised leaving no produce for the community gardeners themselves. Different ways of connecting community members to the gardens were identified and discussed.

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