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Saturday 19th May 2018- Session 4

1.30 - 3.00 pm Waste Not, Want Not

We can't keep throwing things away — because there is no "away."

Trellis Session. Concepts and Capacities

  1. Marcus Geisler (Waste Authority Chairman)

  2. Peg Davies (Mindarie Regional Waste )

  3. Jo Bussell  (Urban Revolution)

  4. Amy Warne (Hilton Harvest)

  5. Darren Lomman (Greenbatch)

Here are some thoughts from this session:

What's one thing that challenged your thinking?

The message avoid, reduce and reuse and trying to make events waste free. Amy Warne said, "I would like to challenge you if you think you can't do an event waste free, it just involved being prepared and getting creative". "Instead of using glad wrap and paper plates, people bring their food in containers that they come back to the garden and collect".

You can register on shareyourwaste.com if you don't have a compost bin at home.

Creating a wild space/nature play space doesn't have to cost $20,000, all you need is a few old tyres.

What's one thing you would like to know more about?

The Mundarie council are placing 20 clear bins into the community with a population of $730,000 people as a trial for people to 'face up to their waste'.

Greenbatch and how does it work- https://www.greenbatch.com/. Their aim is to take plastic and recycle it becoming WA's first plastic recycling facility.

Hilton Harvest Community Garden uses bed springs for small fences in their plot holder garden area. They also used tyres to make their chicken ship. They recommend being aware if you ask for tyre donations be careful as you may have too many and not know how to dispose of them.

Plastic bottles have been used for fruit fly traps.

What interesting fact stood out for you?

The solutions to minimising waste are embarrassingly simple. For example in Subiaco there are many coffee shops and the coffee grounds can be used in community gardens. A great way to minimise the waste.

Wiking beds can be made out of old fridges from the tip.

Wood can be painted with oil to avoid rotting and used for many purposes in the garden.

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