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Meet Kathlene Moller

Meet Kathlene Moller who will be speaking at the To Fence or Not to Fence, Trust in the Garden Session.

Kathlene Moller loves vegetables! She loves eating them herself, she loves growing them, she loves encouraging other people to eat them, and helping other people to learn how to grow them too.

Growing up on farms in the wheat belts of South- and Western-Australia, Kath learned that water is precious. She trained as a Nutritionist, intending to help people overseas. Her work includes Community Nutrition, home cooking, food preservation, and catering, budgeting, and a volunteer role as a mentor in the radiantrecovery.com online community. She has a particular interest in sugar sensitivity: addiction, anxiety and depression. Community Nutrition and budgeting with practical application helps people a lot closer to home who have needs right here, allowing her to also serve her family.

Passionate about caring for creation, stewardship of the earth and its resources and about caring for people and sharing the abundance, Kath discovered Permaculture which ties them all together. The gospel in action. Her suburban back lawn is transforming, via chook power, into a food forest with a vegetable garden understory. Putting her experience and into practical application, she is one of the founding committee members for Duncraig Edible Garden (DEG).

Vegetables are a subtle, simple way to help our bodies and our society to become more healthy. DEG is an unfenced community garden set on public land outside a library and open to the public. Community gardens are a great way to give people access to soil and knowledge, learning to grow and to enjoy foods they might not otherwise meet.

In the face of climate change, fear, apathy, governmental and institutional corruption, it is easy to feel daunted overwhelmed and helpless. Kath often says "God is bigger", "We are blessed", and that we can each be agents of change for the better. By sharing our skills and expertise all of us can benefit. We are surrounded by abundance. We have access to information and materials, to technology and to each other. We are blessed to live in a place where we can do something about the problems and can influence those who make the laws. Our involvement and action makes a difference.

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