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From Seed to Sown: The Story of the WACGG2018 Poster

The WACGG2018 poster is a confluence of ideas and talents that span beyond our continent to Germany. We love our poster both for how it looks and because of the process that led to its formation. We thought we’d give you an insider’s view of our design process.

First up was an energetic brainstorm at our meeting venue City West Lotteries House in West Perth. The WACGG2018 committee, captured in action by Sue Bailey, threw ideas at John McBain who began drawing. In these photos you can see we’ve got the two main themes of Feeding the Roots and Harvesting Knowledge down and are beginning to map how to represent that in a poster.

Next up, the multi-talented Alex Wildsmith (whom many of you met when she came to visit you in your gardens as a part of her final Curtin Social Work placement), developed these ideas into four concept drawings. The committee voted for Number One to move into the design phase.

In the third step, we sent the chosen concept drawing to the talented Jen Ruyter (link to her bio) of Earthbound Art who creatively added colour, texture and life. We thought her beautiful artwork highlighted a sensitive understanding of Community Gardens in the West.

Next step digitising… and as chance and a bit of luck would have it, Nadine Jaeger, a gracious and experienced digital specialist from Germany was staying with John McBain at Sustainable Urban Nutrition (SUN) sunoz.org.au in South Perth. Nadine generously developed Jen’s art, sharpened the edges and made it digitally compatible.

The Committee was really happy with the results, until we realised representations of humans were missing. We returned back to Alex’s initial concept drawings and asked Nadine if it was possible to include number three in the poster design.

Finally, we thought, we have the finished poster….

And then one of us noticed the venue was missing, so it was back to Nadine who added in City Farm.

And then all of a sudden, finally, it was completed! We are pleased to introduce to you the

WACGG2018 poster

A big thank you to everyone who contributed in many different ways to develop this poster. We think it’s one for the history books ...

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