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ECU Students Connecting with Community Gardens

Hello again to all the WA community gardens that I was thrilled to have the opportunity to meet in 2017. I am so excited to share with you all again and to now feel this event coming together in such a creative and exciting way.

To those gardens that I couldn’t meet with in person, I am so excited that you may well now have an opportunity to engage in conversation with further students, who are keen to know your garden’s stories, strengths and future plans. To have Edith Cowan University students on board has meant that we can reach out into the community gardening community even further and widen our scope for the event at Perth City Farm on the 19th and 20th May. So, thank you to the ECU students and to all the gardens and gardeners who have welcomed them, allowing us to share in your stories.

These posters sound amazing with their differences and creativity. I can just imagine how they will add to the event. It would be greatly appreciated if these could be sent back to us in time for the WA Community Gardening Gathering.

Many thanks and see you all soon,


ECU Students Connecting with Community Gardens

We are pleased to announce we have partnered with Edith Cowan University Social Work through Dr Marilyn Palmer. Some of you may have already been contacted by students enrolled in the Collective Interventions unit who are exploring community garden's strengths and needs.

Once the students have met with you, they will return information and photos to you with a poster template we hope you will forward to the CGG Committee for display at the Gathering. We plan to have as many Gardens represented at the Gathering and are looking forward to receiving your Posters.

We encourage you to support the ECU students and to develop your Posters to send to us.

For more information contact Susan Bailey 0433 074 117 suebailey@iinet.net.au

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