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Can you see Claudia in the garden?

Can you see Claudia in amoungst the garden? We're so excited to be announcing she will be one speakers on Ethics in the Garden .

Claudia Laviolette is a PhD candidate from Laval University (located in Québec City, Canada) who is currently conducting a thesis in anthropology. She is studying the role of social interactions in the diffusion of socially innovative practices, in the food sector. Her research brought her to the Duncraig Edible Garden (DEG) about four years ago… and she never left! After a year or volunteering at the garden, she took on the role of DEG’s coordinator for two years, a period during which she oversaw the transition of the small and emerging gardening group that morphed, over time, in a more established and incorporated organisation. This journey was jotted with fascinating ethical debates, such as that one that related to the use – or not – of synthetic fertilisers, pesticides, fungicides, etc. at DEG. These debates, according to Claudia, are essentials to the diffusion of socially innovative practices and, therefore, are essentials to any processes of social transformation.

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