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Saturday Summary: "A Day of Hope"

Updated: Feb 23, 2019

Facilitated by Thom Scott and Marilyn Palmer (thanks to Phillip Hutchison for fantastic pictures)

Thom and Marilyn facilitate final session on Saturday

Thom and Marilyn facilitated a review session at the end of Saturday. The overall feedback was that people really appreciated the opportunity to connect and learn from each other but most significantly, they saw it as a Day of Hope. The realisation that there are many amazing people across Western Australia taking action now to change things was very affirming and very hopeful.

What’s working?

Sharing knowledge

  • Hearing other's stories = comradery

  • Wonderful coming together opportunity to chat among each other and hearing from passionate people

  • Hearing what different gardens are doing

  • Urban/ rural differences and how country Community Gardens are places that engage with a diversity of every-one

  • Facebook as a means of sharing information

  • Importance of collaboration and learning from experience

  • Attention to all sectors: community, Not for profit, higher education, business, Government (Local) Government

  • Interest from Local Governments who are keen to involve/ help with funding

  • Benefit of making so many new connections

Processes for Gathering

  • There is a good balance, past/present

  • Timekeeping etc, was ordered and well done.

  • Different processes in sessions worked well. Good to see different processes in action

  • There was not total control [Symbolic] future is going to bring unpredictability so good to model this

What’s not working? 

  • How do we bring in broader society?

  • How do we get wider spread through real world - not just internet

  • Would like longer sessions? Each session is just a taster really

  • Filming a bit patchy - any recordings?

What can we do together to change things?

  • Identify who else are stakeholders, what potential is there for getting involved? 

  • Engage in bigger picture change strategies

  • micro every day [Symbol] society bigger picture (local and global)

  • Engage the broader community in conversations [Symbol] all groups

  • Recruit for more help on ground for each day/ event

  • Get the Governor General involved

What’s the first step to make this happen?

  • Monthly topics and regular get-togethers 

  • Community Garden Gathering network – build on sessions emerging from Gathering

  • Share sense of belonging and responsibility

  • On the ground conversations with everyone – keep doing what we’re doing

Other nice things shared

  • Amazing people to pull this together

  • This is just the seed planted

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