Meet Kathleen Burton

Meet Kathleen Burton, CEO Perth City Farm, who will be speaking in our Financial Security and Abundance Session Kathleen is passionate about enabling people to live considered, meaningful lives, feeling that they belong and are valued in their community, and are connected to the natural world which they respect and protect. She’s used her degree in Accounting and Entrepreneurship as a base to work with various non-profit organisations, helping them create programs that bring

Volunteering at our event

We would like to warmly encourage you to join us at the Community Gardening Gathering in a volunteer capacity, on the 19th and 20th May at Perth City Farm. It doesn’t matter if you can share an hour or more and in what capacity you would like to help out, it would just be great to share this volunteer experience with you. As volunteers ourselves and your event planning committee, we recognise how much we are gaining from this experience. We are helping something come to fruit

Meet Professor Andrea Gaynor

who is giving one of the Saturday plenary sessions on the History of Growing Food in Cities. Her presentation will be challenging, interesting and very, very relevant. Andrea's also on the panel in the Water session where she will provide a very short history of water in WA. We are really pleased to have her join us and provide us all with understandings of histories. Her history - At primary school she was both a musician and fascinated by the germination of seeds. Later in

Meet Nin Kirkham

Meet Nin Kirkham, Chair of Philosophy at UWA. Nin will be speaking on Ethics in the Garden. Nin Kirkham's research focuses on Environmental Virtue Ethics and in particular the concepts of nature and naturalness as they are employed in debates in Environmental Ethics, Bioethics and Technology. She currently teaches in the areas of Critical Thinking, Continental Philosophy, and Ethics. Nin also has extensive experience teaching Professional Ethics and Critical Thinking into dis

Can you see Claudia in the garden?

Can you see Claudia in amoungst the garden? We're so excited to be announcing she will be one speakers on Ethics in the Garden . Claudia Laviolette is a PhD candidate from Laval University (located in Québec City, Canada) who is currently conducting a thesis in anthropology. She is studying the role of social interactions in the diffusion of socially innovative practices, in the food sector. Her research brought her to the Duncraig Edible Garden (DEG) about four years ago… an

Meet Emma and David

Meet Emma and David who will be talking on the session working in groups. Emma Vosnacos - Emma is currently Chairperson of North Perth Community Garden, keen gardener, Midwife, mother and David's spouse David Vosnacos - David works as an Access Consultant/ Occupational therapist with VisAbility, empowering people living with a disability. He volunteers for NPCG managing their website, online member database and assistance to the chairperson who also happens to be his spouse #

Meet Kathlene Moller

Meet Kathlene Moller who will be speaking at the To Fence or Not to Fence, Trust in the Garden Session. Kathlene Moller loves vegetables! She loves eating them herself, she loves growing them, she loves encouraging other people to eat them, and helping other people to learn how to grow them too. Growing up on farms in the wheat belts of South- and Western-Australia, Kath learned that water is precious. She trained as a Nutritionist, intending to help people overseas. Her work

The largest gathering of Community Gardens in WA history!

That's what we think - prove us wrong and come and have some selfies with us at the event. You will be amazed at the choices you have to participate in this event that is already like no other. Our fantastic program is an exciting blend of plenaries, open space type circles, practical workshops and entertainment. Our organising committee has listened to our most important people - the many members of WA Community Gardens. However, we have also engaged with leading academics,