On the 19th and 20th May at Perth City Farm we are Gathering together the largest group of community gardeners in West Australian history. Community gardens are diverse, creative places that grow communities and food as well as model sustainability, and are central to securing food and our future. Over the last year, we have visited community gardens and gathered your ideas through our poll. We  have designed and planned this Gathering with you in mind.


There will be a range of exciting opportunities for participation that include:   stimulating Plenary sessions, action-packed Open Space discussions, challenging Companion Circles, and exploratory sessions to Build Capacities. Community Gardens from across the State have been invited to host an Engagement Activity (click here to register your interest). We'll also have City Farm tours, Skills Sessions and plenty of time to mingle. There will be live music, and (sigh) spaces to stop, stretch and take a breath. There's something for everyone.


This event will enable community gardens to share knowledge, produce, ideas and experiences with others. This is an opportunity to show what community gardens contribute to our world and then plan for action to strengthen and build our network. 


We'll see you there!
"Feeding the Roots, Harvesting Knowledge"

2018 WA Community Garden Committee 2017/2018


“Thank you to all of you for such a great conference.  I really enjoyed it, thought it was really well run and had a great feeling.  You got the vibe right!  And I heard stuff that I’ve been mulling over ever since”


“Congratulations to you and the Committee in creating such an important and much needed event for community gardens in WA”


“Thank you for the invitation. It was very interesting”


“Thank you…….I know Brent had a fantastic time with you all as well”


“Thanks go to YOU and all the other organisers for making this event happen (and getting Costa, what a coup!)”


“The event was awesome and many thanks to all who put it together”